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ND Magazine: interview with Stefano Orazzini

11 questions about "my way of seeing photography"

Interview on ND Magazine.

#1 Please introduce yourself: My name is Stefano Orazzini and i’m an italian photographer. Born 1972 in Cecina, Tuscany, where i currently live with my wife. #2 How did you get interested in photography? I’ve always taken photographs ever since I was a child, with my father’s old Ferrania camera. In the ’90s, as an amateur, I have dedicated myself to sports, nature and astronomy photography with a Nikon FM10. In particular, cycling: Tour de France, Giro d’Italia … Finally I have been passionate about art photography since 2005, especially in black and white ...

#9 Could you tell our readers how to reach such excellent results in photography?
The most important thing to achieve excellent results in photography, is to never be satisfied and always trying to improve. There isn’t a secret, it takes humility and desire to learn. Do many experiments and choose the best methods. Read many books, visit exhibitions and art fairs to find out what has already been created and what to do. Knowing the history of photography is essential. Otherwise the risk is to make copies of what has already been done.

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