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Exhibition at Lishui (China) 14th International Photographic Festival

Updated: May 4, 2021

Stefano Orazzini project: Water², 14 black and white prints

From 5th to 9th november Stefano Orazzini exhibition at Lishui 14th International Photographic Festival (China).

In Lishui, Italy will be present with M.I.STO. - MODERN ITALIAN STORYTELLERS a collective exhibition involving 18 photographers with more than 200 works on display, curated by Claudio Brufola and Paola Paleari.(FIOF)

Each of the authors presents a personal photographic project; in this way it is possible to enhance the single style of everyone and, at the same time, to cover the whole current Italian visual panorama, from photojournalism to fashion, from experimentation to artistic research.

Stefano Orazzini project: water² (water squares). 14 black and white prints

With water² (water squares) the author makes a compositional research aimed at achieving the highest aesthetic standards. An artistic research onceived and constructed with great attention to detail, aimed to find clean places, where the creation of man and nature come together in perfect harmony. A static equilibrium that is not designed to impress the viewer immediately, but seduces him with time.

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