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Long Exposures

Long-exposure photographs are an important part of many of my projects. It is a photographic technique that has always fascinated me, ever since I discovered the extraordinary works of authors such as Michael Kenna and Hiroshi Sugimoto. The long exposure is a kind of slow, thoughtful photography, you don't have to seize the moment, but fix the passing time on the film or on the sensor. The challenge is to know how to dose shutter speeds, tones, and contrasts through a creative and efficient use of filters, to obtain a harmonious result in shades and shapes.

The long exposures have the characteristic of enhancing an abstract and minimalist style. They highlight the essentiality of the subjects and the passage of time removes weight from the surface contrasts of moving elements such as water or clouds. In a certain sense, the long time of an exposure lightens the photographs, subtracts what is real but not necessary, and relieves them from that "heaviness of reality" that Italo Calvino spoke of in his famous American Lessons.

Fine Art Prints Collection:

Long Exposures

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Canvas Prints
Showcase Torii Under the Rain Canvas Print - Mini.jpg

Decorate your home with a premium canvas print. Choose between gallery wrap and museum wrap. Available with glossy or matte finish. Sizes start from 8"/20 cm up to the large prints of over one meter on each side.

Framed Prints
Showcase Lunar Framed Print.jpg

A classic wall art solution for your living room with my framed prints. Browse hundreds of different wooden frame and mat combinations. Eight types of fine papers: archival matte, luster, glossy, picture rag, and other types.

Metal Prints
Showcase Manarola Canvas Print.jpg

Metal prints are the best choice for a modern wall decor. Image gets printed directly onto a sheet of thick aluminum. The aluminum sheet is offset from the wall by a wooden frame. The high gloss of the aluminum sheet produce stunning results

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